Cost Management

Cost Management is another of our core service offerings at Alium Group. We focus on the needs of our clients and deliver a cost management service that delivers clear and concise advice in relation to their projects.

Our range of services is enhanced by our expertise and will provide positive advice at the various stages of the project cycle. Our typical services include:

Feasibility Studies

Our benchmark information enables us to provide a speedy response at early stages of a project, to assess if the project aims can be achieved, and to offer alternative solutions if appropriate.

Cost Planning

We provide cost plans throughout the design stage of projects and at key gateway stages to enable clients and consultants to sign off before progressing further. Our initial cost plans will confirm the early project budget and be one of the key drivers in delivering a successful project.

As the design stage develops all future changes will be managed against the signed off cost plan.

Value Engineering

We will work with the key project stakeholders and facilitate workshops in order to undertake a structured review at key project stages, to ascertain that the project is meeting the functional requirements of the brief. A value engineering list should be maintained through the life of a project should overspends arise and savings are required to ensure the project is within the budget.

Risk Analysis and Risk Management

We will advise the project team on strategies for identifying and minimising specific risks, together with appropriate levels of cost, and a methodology for managing risks within the identified levels.

Procurement Advice

We can provide our clients with procurement advice on the various options available and recommend the suitable route to fit each clients needs.

Contractor/Supplier Evaluation

Evaluating the most suitable contractors/suppliers for a project based upon scope, content, complexity, procurement and the need for specialist knowledge.

Tender and Contract Preparation and Evaluation

Preparation of tender and contract documents which provide details of the project requirements and clearly identify responsibility for risks.

Pre and Post Contract Cost Control

A key element of our role is to manage the costs within the signed off budget through:

  • Proactive cost checking of design development
  • Value engineering
  • Alternative cost studies
  • Post contract cost control including change order process and regular cost reporting