Employer’s Agent / Contract Administrators

Alium Group are often appointed as Employer’s Agent/ Contract Administrator by our clients, to provide pre and post contract services. We often tailor our scope of services to match our client’s bespoke requirements which often include the following;

Pre Contract Services:

  • Assist finalising the design and look for areas of project risk and cost efficiencies
  • Coordinate design team and collate full tender documentation in readiness for procurement stage
  • Assist the procurement period through contractor selection and coordination of the project tender process
  • Administration of the project team appointments and novation documentation to transfer to future contractor
  • Collate the contract documents for execution for contract award
  • Ensure all project variants are in place ahead of agreed construction stage

Post Contract Services:

  • Acting as contract administrator,
  • Issuing instructions.
  • Co-ordinating the review of information prepared by the contractor
  • Reviewing contractor proposals and ensuring compliance with the employers requirements
  • Managing change control procedures
  • Reviewing the progress of the works and reporting to client and/ or funder leads
  • Validation/ certifying payments
  • Reviewing contractor claims for extension of time, variations etc
  • Monitoring commissioning and inspections
  • Coordinating the handover procedures and agreed O&M requirements
  • Certifying Practical Completion
  • Manage and certify end of defects period
  • Conclude the final account